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Having been raised in the Dominican Republic for half my life, with the other half spent in New York City, where I now live, I have always been able to aesthetically combine the brightness and warmth of the tropics with the sleek modernism that characterizes Manhattan.

As a young girl I played dress up, losing myself in my mother's clothes and accessories. And while those accoutrements were beautiful, I still sought other, more important ways of self expression. As a child, I had only basic materials to work with and created pieces out of braided ribbons or knitting thread. Still, the enormous satisfaction I felt making that very basic jewelry during those early years has remained with me ever since.

My professional journey began as a jewelry buyer for a boutique shop in the East Village called AMARAN, where I learned a great deal about the jewelry crafting and selling industry. During this time, I also realized I would become a jewelry designer with the particular aspiration of creating the most uniquely beautiful creations imaginable. At this point I joined the Fashion Institute of Technology and learn everything I know now.

This philosophy has contributed immensely to my "Perfect Imperfections" collection and the concept behind it, which is to design captivating, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry handcrafted with my personal touch.

I hope to be able to make jewelry forever. I love the feeling of enhancing a woman's beauty with my creations. In a time where trends tend to rule our purchasing decisions, I want my pieces to transcend time and remain classic works of art.

Aridny Rosario

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